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The way for affordable tutoring and the ideal side job.
Schools can sign up with Leerpeer. Then their students can use Leerpeer.

With Leerpeer, students at your school who want to receive tutoring can be paired with students who want to tutor.

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With Leerpeer you can get tutoring from another student. This student understands the material well and can explain it to you. It works simply. Sign up, indicate your class and the subject for which you are looking for tutoring. Then you can choose which other student can help you best. The payment is arranged between you.

Apprentice Teacher

Tutoring is the ideal side job. You can meet up directly after school and help another student. By giving tutoring lessons you become even better at the subject matter and you can put your learned knowledge into practice! In addition, you learn to teach. Besides these advantages for yourself you help another student. Together you can agree on the fee for the tutoring.

For your school

Leerpeer works by school. This way you know for sure that the other person is at the same school and there is a good chance that you live close to each other. Meeting up is done right after school and at school. The school will ensure that there is somewhere to meet. < A high school can be paired with a college, for example. In this way, graduating students can also be helped.

For your school
What is Leerpeer?

What is Leerpeer?

Leerpeer is a matching system. Students sign up themselves and Leerpeer makes suggestions to bring students together based on the supply and demand of tutoring. They can decide for themselves in what form the tutoring takes place and what the fee is.
Leerpeer is AVG-proof. To sign up you need an email address with a student number of a connected school. Then you can choose a nickname in Leerpeer. Of the other pupils you will only see general data until you have both indicated that you want to be linked.

Besides linking pupils Leerpeer does more. For example, Leerpeer gives tips on how to tutor and how to use extra learning materials. Students can indicate who gives good tutoring or on what points can be improved.


Tutoring well is a skill. The school can arrange extra instruction to teach students to tutor. Because students are in the same experience zone and have had the same class material recently, a student can quickly pick up the role as a tutoring teacher.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Starting your school with Leerpeer is simple. Send an email to info@leerpeer.nl and we will create a school account for you. Then you can start right away by promoting Leerpeer at your school. As soon as there are students who want to give and take tutoring in the same subjects, the matching can start! For connecting a new school, we charge a joining fee. Starting in the second year, Leerpeer costs 1 euro per student per year. Click here for more information.
Do you want something just different from what it is now? Ask us. We are always looking for ways to improve Leerpeer.

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Are you interested in Leerpeer? Then you can try out Leerpeer via start. Create a new student and see how it works. This student will be placed in the demo school.

Questions? Send us an email. Interested? Send us an email too.