Peer teaching / peer tutoring

Tutoring other pupils/students/colleagues is called in English peer teaching. In other words, teaching an equal. Thus the peer in Leerpeer. Peer teaching has many advantages which we will discuss here.

In addition to the advantages, people are critical about the quality. A random student cannot teach as well as an experienced tutor. Fortunately, this disadvantage can be remedied to a large extent by giving the student-teachers the right instruction and by letting them gain experience.

Benefits for the learner

If you get help from a peer, the other person is much more comfortable in your environment than if they were twice your age. This way you can explain subjects to each other in a slightly different way that you might understand much better. Also, students are often better able to relax and accept help from the other. This way you also have a better interaction with each other together.

Benefits for the learner
Student-teacher benefits

Student-teacher benefits

  • Being fun and social
  • Make money
  • Becoming good at teaching
  • Becoming a master at teaching
  • Better appreciating your own skills

Benefits for the teacher and the school

  • Because students explain more to each other, the teacher doesn't have to do this as often.
  • Pupils can keep up better with the lessons by having tutoring from other students.
  • It's a smart solution for the different learning pace.
Benefits for the teacher and the school
Further support from Leerpeer

Further support from Leerpeer

  • linking students
  • Help for students on how to tutor
  • Extra learning materials for the tutoring
  • Motivate students to take the tutoring and tutoring
  • Learner gives an indication of the fee you can agree on together.
  • Ready to use for your school!

AVG-proof: We do need an email address for Leerpeer to function. With the student number in it, the student can of course be identified. However, we will never share this email/number or any student correspondence with other parties. We do not use tracking tools from third parties.
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