Leerpeer: Tutoring for and by students

The way for affordable tutoring and the ideal side job.

The concept with only benefits. Try it out!

Benefits of tutoring

  • Same living environment
  • Good tutoring
  • Advantageous tutoring
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Good example
Benefits of tutoring

Benefits of tutoring

  • Be fun and social
  • Make money
  • Get good at teaching
  • Get masterful at teaching
  • Be proud of your skills
Benefits of tutoring

Benefits for the school

  • Easy to deploy
  • Accessible to all learners
  • AVG-proof
  • Better social development
  • Information on statistics
Benefits for the school


  • Subscribe
  • offer or seek tutoring
  • Match
  • Send messages
  • Send your own

Starting with Learning Pear

  • School sign up
  • Promote the school
  • Ready!
  • View statistics
Starting with Learning Pear


  • First year connection fee
  • Thereafter 1 euro per student

Leerpeer only connects apprentices. Apprentices must make their own fee arrangements and can pay each other directly. Leerpeer can advise on an hourly rate.

Would you like to register your school or have questions? Then send an email to info@leerpeer.nl. Would you like to try out Leerpeer? You can do so directly via Start! Here you can create an account at the demo school and see how the application works.